Hyundai premieres next-gen Avante/ Elantra in Korea

If you had been following my posts regularly, it would have struck you by now that this is the third consecutive post about the Korean juggernaut Hyundai. And before accusing me of giving undue advantage to this particular manufacturer, tell me one automaker who has had Global Premieres of two of it's bread and butter models in less than a week. Yes, merely days after global unveiling of the next-gen Verna/Accent in China, here comes Hyundai with the global premiere of it's next-gen Avante/Elantra at the Busan Motor Show in Korea. It's as if Hyundai has answered to my question in the previous post.
The current Elantra and it's predecessors achieved global sales successes and raked in the money and volumes for Hyundai but none of them can even be remotely called good-lookers. But I am sure, this new model will shatter that perception to pieces once launched in the market. I would even go far ahead and tell that this new Elantra is the best looking car in it's segment and by far the best looking Hyundai to date. None of the company's models in the past 43 years of it's existence can even come close to this beauty, except maybe the Genesis Coupe. This Elantra takes the company's now-famous Fluidic Sculpture design theme and comes out as the best of the lot wearing it.

The flowing headlamps and taillamps, the hexagonal grille, the character lines in the sides, the bulging wheel arches, the way in which the V-shaped creases in the bonnet merges with the top of the grille, the strong-yet-subtle touches of chrome in the split grille, the coupe-like roofline, the slingshot mirrors with integrated repeaters, all gel so wonderfully together to make this one stunning looking car. I would say that this is the only car which can hold it's own design-wise to the superb Honda Civic which still looks fresh and great, years after it's launch. The one aspect of the new Elantra which seems to be inspired is the way in which the A-Pillar merges with the bonnet - a straight lift from the Civic. Not a bad thing at all.

The interior shots and the engine and transmission specifications are not yet released, but it's expected to come with Hyundai's latest Gasoline Direct Injection (GDI) engines and if Hyundai permits, the Turbo too. But do you  really care? I won't, if I were in the market for this type of car. These looks are enough to entice me into buying this one. Already waiting for the next launch from you, Hyundai. Hope, you are listening!


  1. waiting fr this car in india

  2. awsome car its looks will take everyones atteraction.i wanna know exact date of its launch in india.i love u avante

  3. @ Above - Thanks a lot for your comments. The Avante/Elantra is a stunning looking car for sure. Sadly, Hyundai has still not disclosed the launch date, but expect it here before 2012 end.