Mahindra's Future SUV spotted again in Chennai

They say that all good things in life come after a long wait. I am damn sure that Mahindra's new future SUV (codenamed W201), which has been spotted testing yet again in Chennai will live up to the above saying. Even then, I feel that this wait is just too long with no official news coming from Mahindra regarding this important, all-new model, with which the company is expected to go truly global. Every time, seeing it on road is like watching the teasers of a big-budget movie with few new details being exposed in each subsequent spotting.

Unlike the previous test car which had the Scorpio's lights externally fitted onto it, this one had it's actual headlights and taillights on place, but nicely covered to maintain the suspense. I have to accept that, in the dark, the detailing on both the lamps were quite superb, especially the taillamps which were almost Land Rover like. The shape and size of the dual exhausts were impressive too, lending the vehicle a chunky and muscular look. The full glasshouse, barring one or two places, was covered with thick camouflage making it impossible to peep into the interiors. Hope, I will be third time lucky with this model to have a look at the interiors.

A big vote of thanks goes to the rush-hour traffic of Chennai city for blocking this test car from zooming ahead. But once the road ahead cleared a little bit, the car literally flew ahead in no time, leaving us in the dust, thanks in part to the 'potentially' more-powerful Mahindra common-rail diesel engine in it's hood. Any more details regarding this model, either from the company itself or by others, are eagerly awaited.

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