2010 Global Top 10 Automobile Companies

The year 2010 ended with high hopes and optimism for the global automotive industry with recovering economy boosting sales in the saturated markets of USA and Europe and tremendous growth opportunities beckoning automakers in the booming BRIC Countries. So, as another calendar year passed by, its time for listing the annual Global Top 10 Automobile Companies by sales. Though most companies posted positive growth over the recession-hit 2009 figures, 2010 was not all smooth sailing for the industry.

Take Toyota, for example. The world’s largest automobile company which was hitherto known for bullet-proof build quality and rock-solid reliability, saw its brand image take a huge dip with those massive recalls of most of its top selling models. Pursuing volumes, Toyota failed to monitor and maintain the earlier quality standards that it set for itself and the entire industry. Having said that, for a company like Toyota whose prime focus has always been ‘Quality’, bouncing back from this would not be a problem at all. The fact that Toyota still holds the top spot even after this recall fiasco proves its popularity and loyalty.

General Motors, which trailed Toyota by a significant margin in 2009, is showing good signs of recovery after taking the bailout money from the US Federal Government. In 2010, the gap between Toyota and GM was down to just 30,000 units. The Volkswagen group, with a spate of brands under it holds on to the third spot but saw its sales increase by over 1 million units compared to 2009. At this rate of growth, Volkswagen looks all set to achieve its aim of becoming the largest automobile company by 2020.

The biggest news of 2010 ought to be this. Continuing their aggressive expansion and relentless growth, Hyundai-Kia managed to overtake Ford for the fourth spot in the global standings. Model after model, the two Korean brands have achieved a string of successes which their competitors could only envy. On the flip side, a leaner, meaner Ford, after declaring a series of profitable quarters, is looking stronger than ever and would do all it could to retake the fourth spot from Hyundai-Kia. This is one battle to watch out for in future.

Nissan came in sixth after overtaking Honda and Peugeot. Renault and Suzuki completed the global top ten. Point to be noted is the combined sales of Renault-Nissan alliance would make it the world’s third largest automaker, but both manufacturers wish to report their numbers separately. Watch this space for more action and position swaps in the coming years.

2010 Top 10 Automobile Companies (By Sales):

1. Toyota – 8.42 Million
2. General Motors – 8.39 Million
3. Volkswagen AG – 7.14 Million
4. Hyundai-Kia – 5.74 Million
5. Ford – 5.31 Million
6. Nissan – 4.08 Million
7. Peugeot – 3.6 Million
8. Honda – 3.56 Million
9. Renault – 2.62 Million
10. Suzuki – 2.54 Million

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