EDIT: New Tata Safari spotted testing in Pune (or) Is it Force Motors SUV?

For us auto-enthusiasts, every visit to Pune turns out to be a blessing as we get to see many yet-to-be-launched automobiles doing rounds there. Apart from being an automotive manufacturing hub, the fact that Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI), that approves every automobile launched in the country, is located in Pune only helps matters. And I was not disappointed during my recent visit too. On the way back to airport yesterday, I happened to see this fully-masked SUV parked on the roadside in the Kirkee area of the city.

Since our car went past the test-vehicle in a flash, I was not able to observe the minute details. Though the full camouflage and design of the alloys makes its identity a little suspicious, there are reasons why I claim this to be the all-new Safari. The Global SUV (W201) by Mahindra has been steadily losing camouflage of late revealing many of its details while the new SUV by Force Motors looks much bigger and different in the spy shots released. More than everything else, the rear-view mirrors that look very similar to those in the existing Safari gives the strongest hint about its identity.

So, it is safe to assume that this is the all-new Safari, which the media claims would be renamed as Merlin when its finally launched. If it is so, then Tata has got the proportions of the vehicle absolutely perfect and spot-on. I really don’t know whether it’s the angle in which the snap was taken or the car really is so well-proportioned. The existing Safari, with its classic styling and legendary rear seat comfort has attained an iconic status in India and I just hope and wish that Tata would let the legacy continue with the all-new Safari. Oops, the new Merlin or whatever Tata likes to call it.

EDIT: There are quite a lot of claims that this is Force Motor's new SUV and not Tata Safari Merlin. I still have doubts about this being the new SUV from Force Motors. I have already posted some shots of the Force Motors SUV being tested in Pune and it looks quite different and bulky than this one. Anyway, it would be nice if someone can clear this confusion. Thanks!


  1. Dud I think the above pictures are not of Tata Safari Merlin, But the Force Motors SUV.

  2. @ asrar - Thanks for your comment. Though I am still suspicious about this being Force Motor's new SUV, I have edited the contents. Please read my post above.

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  4. Dats great! Thanks anything-on-wheels...

  5. @ asrar - Its ok. Do keep reading the blog and my posts.