BharatBenz (Mitsubishi Fuso) LCV seen testing near Chennai

Blame it on the lack of general knowledge in commercial vehciles or in the increasing number of automobile companies testing their models in the Chennai region or whatever. When this LCV was seen testing near Kanchipuram in NH4 (Chennai-Bangalore Highway) last weekend, it was just not possible for me to confirm it's identity on the spot. Now, after probing and researching the details for three more days, this post is still a speculation.

Though the initial impressions of this LCV hinted that it could be a product from Leyland-Nissan joint-venture, there are more significant details that lead me to decide that this is actually from BharatBenz, Daimler's Indian subsidiary. So, this follows the spyshots of the medium to heavy-duty multi-axle trucks from BharatBenz that I had posted last month.

The most striking similarities between this LCV and the other BharatBenz trucks are the pattern of camouflage and the horizontal slatted grille with a big round space for the logo. Apart from that, the positioning and shape of the headlights and indicators, the slots below the windscreen and the steeply raked front windows bear a strong resemblance to the Mitsubishi Fuso Canter, a brand owned by Damiler. There are full chances that BharatBenz is trying to capitalize on that.

This post might be a speculation but it drives home a crystal clear fact. Daimler, through its dedicated Indian subsidiary BharatBenz, is in for a long haul in the country and is preparing itself for a major onslaught. Going by the frenetic pace and increasing number of models being tested by them in Indian soil, I am sure the other local and global players are already worried.

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