2011 Frankfurt - Ford set to stun audience with the Evos Concept

Rarely do automotive manufacturers consider the concept of ‘concepts’ seriously and use them as basis for their future models. Rather, most companies prefet to relegate them as just show-pieces letting us drool over their looks and imagine the usefulness of the many techno gizmos that they come loaded with. Ford thankfully does not belong to this group and is known for bringing most of their concepts to production form with minimal changes. It was this fact that got me all excited on seeing this new Ford Evos concept. Are we at last going to have an affordable mass-market sedan that looks truly gorgeous?

To be unveiled to the public at the ongoing 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show, Ford gave a sneak preview of the car at a special media event organized in Berlin. Derrick Kuzak, VP, Global Product Development at Ford said during the unveiling - "The Ford Evos Concept unites three key elements which are at the core of our One Ford global product strategy: outstanding design, smart technologies and fuel economy leadership. With its compelling design and innovative vehicle technologies, it is a clear demonstration of the exciting vision we have for the Ford brand."

The Evos Concept looks like an evolution of the brand’s successful 'Kinetic Design' theme with quite a few sharp cuts and creases adorning the body. Featuring a typical Ford honey-comb grille, ultra slim headlights, lovely foglamps surrounding the twin airdams, diamond-shaped taillights and a chunky trapezoidal exhaust tip at the center of the rear bumper, the Evos makes a stunning style statement. Without a doubt, the four sculpted gullwing doors that open skywards and extends well into the roof are the most eye-catching design elements of the car.

Ford says that though the Evos Concept throws a sneak peak into the future design elements of the brand, this car will not make it to production in its current form. Now, thats hardly surprising. Heck, in all probability, the gullwings too won’t make it to production. But, do we really care? The innovative and futuristic approach of the Evos continues in its interiors and powertrain as well. Again, who cares? Even if Ford stays half-true to its tradition and come up with a production model which is at least partly based on the Evos, we are in for a visual treat.

The Evos Concept looks to be similarly-sized to C and D segment cars of our world. Imagine the next generation Ford Mondeo with such gorgeous looks, next-best-only-to-BMW handling, powerful yet fuel-efficient ‘Ecoboost’ engines, futuristic interiors loaded with features and an affordable non-exotic price tag. Now, that's what most of us auto-enthusiasts dreams are made of, isn't it? You may well argue that such a combination is possible only in dreams but the point is, with the Evos Concept, Ford has come tantalizingly close in converting that dream into a reality.

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