Mercedes-Benz introduces iSales application for its sales force

Mercedes-Benz has had enough of the fact that the average age of its clientele is higher than that of arch rivals BMW and Audi. In a step-by-step effort, the German brand is consciously trying to woo the younger generation into its fold. The change in their corporate design philosophy that moved from being classy and conservative to being edgy and sporty was the first step towards that direction. Now, the company has taken yet another step to connect with the Gen Y crowd. What better way to do that than using something that starts with an 'i'? It is, after all, the 'i' season again with the iPhone 5 having been unveiled less than 48 hours back.

In what could be termed as a new benchmark in customer interactivity, Mercedes-Benz has introduced an application called 'iSales' for its sales force. Sales personnel at all Mercedes-Benz dealerships in India will be armed with Apple iPads, which comes preloaded with the iSales app. The application acts as a virtual showroom inside the real showroom and helps customers to experience the complete portfolio of Mercedes-Benz cars, the technology underneath and the various features and accessories that they come loaded with. The iSales also enables customers to look at the various finance options offered by Daimler Financial Services and the lease returns without any paper or calculator involved. A pretty smart move indeed, in our books.

Commenting on the occasion, Mr. Debashis Mitra, Director, Sales and Marketing, Mercedes-Benz India, said “In this age of globalisation our customers always want to be in touch with the world on the go, and our iSales platform will not only give them an access to the world of Mercedes-Benz but also they can virtually experience the fascinating range of Mercedes-Benz cars and customize accordingly their choices before booking the car. Mercedes-Benz cars are equipped with numerous sophisticated features which will be explained in details by the iSales giving our customers no reason to compromise while buying the car".

By doing this, Mercedes-Benz has ensured that a customer who walks into its showroom will know precisely how their car will end up looking and how much they have to actually shell out by playing around with the various tools in the iSales app. Apparently, the application also allows sales personnel to complete the booking process on the spot. You always wanted a hassle-free booking experience, right? It couldn't get any better than this. Mercedes-Benz keeps repeating its brand philosophy at every event which says "Best or Nothing". This initiative clearly belongs to the former category.

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