2016 New York - Genesis Hybrid Sports Sedan Concept vows spectators, warns competitors

If Hyundai wants it's upstart luxury brand Genesis to go places and inch one step closer to be considered a genuine alternative to the German and Japanese luxury marques, all it has to do is free up some capacity and build the Hybrid Sedan Concept - just as it was displayed at the 2016 New York Auto Show without changing a damn thing!

Not every day do we see a concept that not just looks gorgeous but has fair chances of making it to production as it is. The rather unimaginatively named Hybrid Sports Sedan Concept is one such car that previews a compact sports sedan that's slated to join the Genesis lineup soon. Given that it has to take on stalwarts like the C-Class, 3-Series and A4 amongst others, Genesis can't afford to get it wrong. And if what we see us any indication, they seem to be doing everything right.

The aggressive fascia has a large hexagonal grille that has now become the face of the Genesis brand. On either sides of the grille lie a pair of sharp exquisitely-detailed headlights that are matched for shape, size and appeal by beautiful taillights. The muscular bumpers, the athletic beltline with that unique step up in the B-pillar and the sleek derriere with ultra-thin taillights and neatly tucked-in quad exhausts makes this concept a stunner. Particularly impressive are those chunky C-pillars and the way they merge with the rear deck and the muscular rear fenders.

Of course, there are some fussy elements, like the fender vents for instance, that we wish don't make it to production.

Interiors are futuristic and are likely to lose a lot of the fancy stuff when the car goes on sale eventually. Just look at that open-faced steering and the jazzy 21-inch display with 4k resolution. Gadget freaks would have a field day in the car's cabin. Space is likely to be limited, thanks to the sloping roofline and the restricted greenhouse.

As the name suggests, the car is likely to be a hybrid with some sort of electric assistance to the 2.0-liter 4-cylinder engine under the hood. With the rest of the specifications not released yet, it remains to be seen if the baby Genesis sedan can match or outrun it's turbocharged competition.

The Genesis brand might have come into existence only recently but it is making rapid strides already. With the erstwhile Equus and Genesis premium sedans transformed into G90 and G80 respectively to fit into the new brand nomenclature, the upcoming compact sports sedan is likely to be named G70. Having been smitten by the concept, we can't wait to see this car in its production avatar!

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