Altius Scimitar 670 Diesel Motorcycle spotted in Chennai

Altius Automotive Technologies, a new company spearheaded by Mr. B.V.R.Subbu, the former President of Hyundai Motor India Ltd. made it to headlines last year announcing plans to launch a muti-fuel motorcycle that also runs on diesel, in the Indian market in collaboration with Hayes Diversified Technologies (HDT) of USA. After the initial splash however, nothing really materialized and the 2012 Auto Expo, where Altius was expected to showcase the Scimitar 670 to the public, also came and went by without any news. Enthusiasts across the country were disappointed as the Scimitar 670, with its on/off-road capabilities and ability to run on diesel, promised so much fun and frugality on our roads. Powered by a 670cc indirect-injection diesel engine with a maximum power output of 33 bhp and a maximum torque of 53 Nm, the Scimitar 670 has the potential to become the best tourer bike in our country.

When we received these images taken at a Honda car dealership in Chennai, we first couldn't figure out what it was. Internet provided the answers and helped us identify that it was indeed the Altius Scimitar 670, which obviously had us elated. Is Altius suddenly springing into life and the Scimitar is back on track for launch in 2012? Sadly, that doesn't seem to be the case and even the company's website is showing no signs of life. Meanwhile, browsing through Altius' website revealed that one of the promoters of KUN Auto Group is also a partner in the company. With this said dealership being a part of KUN network, we see the reason for the Scimitar 670 resting in their premises. Whatever it is, will we get to lay our hands on the strong, sturdy, powerful and frugal Scimitar 670 that looks like it can tackle anything that our roads can throw at? Only Altius knows the answer and, by the looks of it at the moment, we think it is 'No'.

Altius, please surprise us by proving us wrong.


  1. Honda car dealership in Chennai? any idea which one there are several in chennai. At least will ask for a test ride.

    1. Hi rsg, since the bike is not launched, you may not be able to get a test ride in the Scimitar. And for the dealership, please read the post carefully. There are enough clues in it to identify which Honda dealership it is.