Lamborghini's next model could be an SUV called Urus

These days, if an automotive manufacturer has to be profitable, they need to have a Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) in their line-up. Its as simple as that. Manufacturers started realizing this trend a decade and a half back and there has been no looking back ever since. So much so that even Porsche, known for world's best handling sports cars until then, was forced to branch out into the SUV segment for survival. Much to the disappointment of its die-hard fans, the Cayenne was introduced in the year 2001. That it is Porsche's largest selling and most profitable model line now is an entirely different thing. The next model of Bentley, a brand known for some of the finest high-end luxury cars, is an SUV too and the EXP 9F Concept unveiled at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show previews it.

But, why Lamborghini? Yes, you read that right. Lamborghini is most likely going to make and sell an SUV and it is going to be called Urus if the reports circulating in the media are to be believed. With drop-dead gorgeous sports-cars like the Gallardo and Aventador in its portfolio, we least expected this Italian sports-car maker to jump into the SUV fray. But, it has and here are the first images leaked on to the internet. To describe its styling in a nutshell, the Urus incorporates all the trademark muscle that Lamborghinis are famous for, in a taller and wider profile. With its sharply-cut headlamps, massive wheels, raked-up and diminishing glasshouse in the profile and quad exhausts, the Urus looks the part. Die-hard fans of Lambo though might be disappointed with their iconic brand diluting its image with an SUV.

With Porsche, Bentley, Lamborghini and even Audi coming under the ownership of Volkswagen, the Touareg's platform and underpinnings would obviously be shared by Cayenne, EXP 9 F-based SUV, Urus and the Q7, resulting in massive cost saving and unprecedented economies of scale. The investment and development cost spent on a single platform would spring so many profitable models under different brands, which makes perfect business case for the already cash-rich German giant. Just like it happened to Cayenne, every existing Lamborghini owner could lap up the Urus as their present Italian Bulls can't take them anywhere apart from expressways and autobahns. What more? It could even bring in potential new customers to the brand. Talk about changing times.

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