Ford strikes gold with the all-new Mustang

Very few models from mass-market brands command as much respect and legacy as the Ford Mustang does. Often labelled the 'pony car', the Mustang, along with the Corvettes, Camaros, Vipers and Challengers of the world, form the American muscle car group that commands a crazy fan following across the globe.

With fifty years of heritage accumulated over five generations of existence, the Mustang is more than just a car for Ford. Apart from playing its role of an image-building halo performance car to perfection, the Mustang is a big-seller as well, raking in the volumes and the profits to the Blue Oval brand. Add the expectations of millions of customers and loyalists worldwide on top of it and its not hard to fathom why the all-new Mustang was one of the most eagerly awaited car launches in recent history.

After numerous spy-shots, a host of renderings, a couple of teasers and an official countdown in Ford Motor Company's official facebook page, the sixth-generation Mustang was finally unveiled to the global media earlier this month. And boy, does it look exciting.

With a design theme that combines Ford's latest styling elements with the traditional design cues of the previous Mustangs, the all-new model is, in a word, striking. The front end possesses a big trapezoidal grille flanked on either sides by thin headlight clusters garnished with three LED gills each. The profile is characterized by the long hood and the fastback shape that gives the car an athletic stance. The rear is just an evolution of the existing Mustang, but a beautiful one at that. The three vertical taillight lenses that defined the Mustangs of yore finds a place in the sixth-generation model too.

Keeping up with modern tastes, Ford has also given the interiors of the all-new Mustang a thorough make-over. The thick metallic strip that runs across the entire length of the dashboard looks great. So does the three-spoke steering wheel that's armed with a host of buttons. Be it around the gearstick in the center console or the chrome-highlighted door handles, Ford seems to have paid great attention to detail to the interiors. Engine options include a new, fuel-efficient 2.3-liter EcoBoost engine apart from the 3.7-liter V6 and the manic 5.0-liter V8 options. Ford hasn't released the full specifications yet.

The new Mustang is expected to go on sale sometime next year in the United States of America followed by other markets. With stunning looks, a range of powerful and fuel-efficient engines, a legacy to die for and thousands of loyalists spread across continents, the all-new Mustang is all set for a long and successful run at the top of Ford's global product portfolio. 

An interesting trivia to be noted is the immediate availability of a Right Hand Drive (RHD) model in the sixth-generation Mustang. That and the efficient EcoBoost engine bodes well for the Mustang's prospects in case Ford decides to go ahead and launch it in India. But, is that happening at all? Well, we don't know yet but we sincerely wish that it happens.