Why did I do this?

The time of inception of this blog may seem quite awkward for many. "As the Automobile Industry is reeling in the worst economic recession seen in the last many decades, here comes yet another blog dedicated to automobiles" some might think. But I will make things very clear right away. This is not an official blog doing professional testing and posting reviews.

I love automobiles (be it cars, bikes, buses, trucks, trains, aircrafts et all) and there have been instances when people have asked me to marry a car and not spoil a girl's life by marrying her. Once when travelling with my friend on a fine Sunday evening, we almost had a very bad crash as my friend lost control of his bike when I shouted on seeing a Porsche 911 in Chennai. The other day, my excitement on seeing a Rolls-Royce Phantom so close and the resulting reactions on my colleague's faces made me feel embarassed as I was travelling back home in my office bus. Even after many such embarassments and near-death experiences, I continue to love automobiles and continue to shout on spotting an exotic on road.

What better way to make things public than putting it live on the World Wide Web? So, the idea of this blog is very simple - to express my ideas and views on automobiles in such a way that some people (atleast those whom I know) get benefitted out of it. So, here I start off with my first post and with the hopes of having much more in store.