Spotted - Mahindra's Future SUV

It's startling to note how quickly time moves by and situation changes. An year back, when reading through the spy shots of Mahindra's future SUV in Team-Bhp, I remember thinking of spotting and taking snaps of one of these camouflaged vehicles on road and sending it over to friends at Team-Bhp. But now, here I am writing my own blog and posting about the same topic. My story apart, thanks to my friends for chasing down and taking snaps of the vehicle in rush-hour Chennai traffic and sending it over to me.

These are the camouflaged pictures of Mahindra's new Global SUV with which Mahindra is expected to go truly international. Being developed by Mahindra under the Code Name "W201", it seems the Indian company is leaving no stone unturned to get this all-important model completely right. It's been almost a year now since the first camouflaged pictures were seen in the net and there are still no signs of when this vehicle will be launched by Mahindra.

Going by the pictures, what strikes us first is the size of the vehicle. It's huge and is definitely a notch bigger than the Scorpio and the Tata Safari. Just look at the huge ground clearance of the vehicle and the size of the windows. Also evident is the curved rear windshield though I suspect it's just a gimmick by Mahindra to add a bit of suspense. Whatever it is, I sincerely wish Mahindra launches this model as early as possible and don't let the Indian public , who are buying the Boleros, Scorpios and Xylos in hordes, wait for so long.

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