The all-new Range Rover Evoque unveiled

There are quite a few automotive companies across the world which were blessed to thrive and flourish under new ownership after facing problems for existence on it's own. Companies like Skoda (under VW), Kia (under Hyundai) and very recently, the iconic British brands Jaguar and Land Rover strike our minds immediately when we say that.

After turning around the fortunes of Jaguar globally with the superb XF and XJ models, Tata has now started shifting it's focus on Land Rover. Though Ford started and completed most of the development activities of these new-gen models, Tata deserves the credit for infusing the much needed cash to successfully launch these models. As part of it, the widely-expected production version of the stunning, crowd-wooing LRX Concept was unveiled in Britain recently.

The new baby Range Rover is christened "Evoque" and much to the surprise of  the gathered automotive media, the production version is very close and similar to the original concept version, which is a complete rarity in automobiles. This new model not only opens the avenue for a whole new set of people to join the elite Range Rover club, but because of it's stunning design, it's also going to sell in truckloads. Hope this new entry Range Rover lives up, matches and exceeds the expectations built up by the macho looks, upmarket luxury image & off-road abilities that the original Range Rover endeared itself to it's owners. 

Tata could not have given a better gift to Range Rover on it's 40th year of existence than the Evoque.

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