We are going places !

At one stage in life, happiness meant arguing with parents for buying a ‘Hero’ pen or a ‘Staedtler’ pencil and vying with siblings to get a bigger share of the then-odd commodities like Kit Kat or Dairy Milk. However comical they may seem to us now, these things are what makes life interesting when we look back in time.

In a very similar way, I am currently very pleased with the way things related to this blog are shaping up. View count is going up gradually and links to my posts with the pictures taken by me have surfaced in quite a few automotive forums and websites. Thanks in part to India’s second largest selling car, the Hyundai i10, whose camouflaged facelift is responsible for all the activity surrounding my blog. I feel motivated to such an extent that all the efforts taken in chasing and snapping the cars, bikes and buses featuring in this blog seems like nothing at all.

Again, a few years down the line, if God-willing, I become a full-time automotive freelance/journalist, this may seem to be funny enough to have a good laugh, but right now, with my wish still remaining a wish, this seems to be worthy enough to celebrate.

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  1. "if God-willing, I become a full-time automotive freelance/journalist". Its sure that you are gonna be..