New Hyundai Verna (RB) spotted testing

Ah, finally it gets captured. One new car model which was being extensively tested in Chennai roads but was eluding my lenses for so long has been the new mid-size sedan from Hyundai, codenamed the “RB”. This model, called ‘Accent’ worldwide, but will be called ‘Verna’ in India is expected to be launched in the first quarter of 2011 and replace the existing Verna Transform.

And transform it does, for sure, the looks of the current Verna. The swooping coupe-like roof and windows, short and high boot, twin exhaust pipes and three dimensional i10-like headlights are already proving to be very popular in all the online forums in the country. Though most of the car’s important assets still remain hidden under the camouflage, the recently launched Accent in Korea has given more than a clear hint of how this is going to look. If that is actually this, then here comes a model to compete on looks with the Honda City and Fiat Linea.

When it is launched, expect the Verna to be the benchmark in its segment for features, if the recent i10 face-lift and i20 are any indication. Apart from that, the present Verna’s biggest strength, the stonking CRDi engine with its exhilarating power, torque and pick-up will mostly be carried over. As with all Hyundais, expect a sufficiently supple ride, average handling, top-notch reliability and good after sales service. If priced right, like say in the range of the existing Verna, this surely has the capabilities to beat the sweat out of City, Vento and Linea.

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