Daimler celebrates 125th Anniversary of the Automobile & MB post-war deliveries touch 30 Million

“You learn something every day if you pay attention”, goes a saying. Whats so surprising is the way in which ‘life’ reminds us of this fact with amazing regularity, the most recent one for me being this news which I came to know just a couple of days back. I may boast of possessing considerable knowledge in automobiles that had made me go to the extent of blogging about it. I may have also remembered faintly the fact that Carl Benz was the inventor of motor car. But, never did I get to know all these days that, as an honor of Carl Benz’s invention, the day in which he received the patent is being observed as ‘World Automobile Day’. It was on 29th of January, 1886 that Carl Benz was awarded the patent 37435 for his ‘vehicle with gas-engine drive’.

Now, 125 years after that historic day which had changed the meaning of ‘personal mobility’, Mercedes-Benz and the parent brand Daimler are celebrating the ‘Anniversary of the Automobile’ with a slew of events. It is, quite obviously, a matter of great pride for everyone associated with Daimler. Dr. Dieter Zetsche, Chairman of the Board of Management of Daimler AG and Head of Mercedes-Benz Cars, emphasized the importance of the automobile on speaking on the occasion. "The invention of Daimler and Benz has changed the world for the better and it will continue to do so. History shows that when a society becomes physically mobile it also becomes socially mobile and economically successful."

The company kicked off the celebrations in the best way possible by receiving yet another patent, this time for ‘bipolar flat-cell frame’, a battery-related technology still under development at Daimler. As if to emphasize the importance of fuel cell electric vehicles, Mercedes-Benz also started a World Tour of three B-Class Fuel Cell cars which would travel across the globe in 125 days. Also unveiled during the celebrations was the latest sculpture from Mercedes-Benz Design Team, the ‘Aesthetics 125’. The sculpture not only continues the philosophy that ‘Mercedes-Benz design is art’ but also provides a glimpse of the future design language of the brand.

Also, right on time for the 125th anniversary celebrations, Mercedes-Benz also reached yet another historic milestone. Since 1945, after 65 years of post-war production, Mercedes-Benz cars with the iconic ‘three pointed star’ have been delivered to 30 million customers across the globe. Way to go MB! Now, before the reality sets in, let me start dreaming of owning a Mercedes-Benz just in time to atleast join the 150th anniversary of the automobile.

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