Honda celebrates 39 Years and 19 Million sales of Civic

Few models would have done this to their manufacturers like what the Civic did to Honda. Over the years, the Civic has clearly established itself as one of the best cars in its segment with a combination of stunning looks, superior interior quality, an engine that likes to be revved hard, a chassis that makes you smile every time you push it to the limits and technology that is truly modern and ahead of its time. While Honda may not be an aspirational brand, the Civic, especially in the sporty Type-R and Si trims, really is.

Ever since its launch in the year 1972, the Civic has gone through eight generation changes and has sold a total of an astonishing 19 million units across the globe. Very few nameplates in history, like Volkswagen’s Beetle, Toyota’s Corolla and Camry and Honda’s own Accord can boast of comparable numbers. The 8th generation model that is still being sold in India, is widely considered as the best Civic yet, with its gorgeous styling, futuristic interiors, a gem of an engine with revolutionary i-VTEC technology, sporty handling and a whole lot of body-styles and versions.

Honda has just launched the latest 9th generation model in the international markets and the initial reviews are not so great. According to critics, in its quest for lesser emissions and greater fuel efficiency in the 9th gen Civic, Honda has not only sacrificed on power output, but has also compromised on styling and handling, the three hallmarks of the previous generation model. Maybe that’s why the company has oddly decided to celebrate the 39th anniversary and 19 million sales of the car by releasing a heritage video to boast the legacy of the 'Civic' brand. Be it a marketing gimmick or a desperate move by Honda to push the all-new model, that is a legacy to die for. Let it continue forever.

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