Volkswagen Jetta TSI (petrol) spotted yet again

It has been exactly a week since we spotted the Volkswagen Jetta TSI testing in Pune. Now, we have more snaps of the same vehicle being extensively tested in and around Pune, clearly indicating that the launch is not too far away. We believe that Volkswagen would launch the Jetta TSI with much fanfare in the forthcoming 2012 Auto Expo at New Delhi. Let's not forget that the Jetta is currently sold in India with diesel variants only, perfectly matching with the current craze for diesel cars in India. What is under the hood of this Jetta TSI is still a big mystery though.

There are sources telling us that the Jetta TSI will definitely come with the 1.8 liter engine that is already powering cars like Skoda Laura, Superb and the base variant of Audi A4. Also, there are widespread rumors that the 1.4 liter TSI engine would be launched under the hood of the Jetta thus enabling it to be priced more competitively and compete against Toyota Corolla and Honda Civic. We personally feel that the Jetta TSI should come with the stonking 1.8 liter engine and the 1.4 liter TSI engine should be powering smaller cars like the Polo and Vento.

But, until Volkswagen decides to crack open the news themselves, this will remain a mystery!


  1. The 1.4 tsi is really poowerfull. I have driven 1. It is also exceptionally fule efficient.


    1. Thanks for your inputs Riyaad. VW is expected to launch the 1.8 liter Jetta TSI in India. If 1.4 itself is really powerful as you say, just imagine what a stonker of an engine the 1.8 would be.

  2. You already have 1.8TSI in the market, in the form of Laura 1.8 TSI.