Mahindra Reva NXR spotted testing in Bangalore

There is little doubt that Reva, India's own electric car manufactured by Maini group based in Bangalore, is getting long in its tooth. With all due credits to the efforts taken by Maini to develop, launch and sustain the Reva in a market that is predominantly unfavorable and a government that isn't willing to subsidize vehicles running on electric power, the Reva in its existing form cannot be considered a credible alternative to a Maruti-Suzuki Alto or a Hyundai Eon. To many, it is just a cute little cartoon-like thingy on wheels that costs much more than what it should. So, when Mahindra acquired Maini Reva, it had its task cut out. The Reva NXR was just unveiled as the replacement of Reva while development activities were still going on back in the company. Though Mahindra got the know-how in making electric cars through this acquisition, it also had the responsibility to get the Reva NXR right.

But Mahindra isn't new when it comes to testing and development. They are known for testing their new models for years together across the length and breadth of India, the most recent examples being the XUV500 and the mini Xylo. So, it comes as little surprise that Mahindra is going all out in testing the Reva NXR and getting it right before launch. Though electric cars are not a lucrative business proposition in India today, Mahindra knows way too well that the Reva NXR is going to be a showcase of its technological prowess and a gateway to the international markets which view electric cars more seriously than we do. In short, the Reva NXR will make Mahindra future-ready, just in case the market shifts towards electric cars. For people like you and me, this is good news as we will finally be having the choice of an electric car that promises not to be a compromise compared to conventional cars.

Though we spotted this test car in Hosur Road in the outskirts of Bangalore from a good distance, the car just zoomed past before we could click a full shot of it. That was a seriously impressive show considering the steep incline the car was climbing. The car also looked to be made of better quality materials with good fit and finish, unlike the toy-like plasticky bumpers that the existing Reva comes with. Though the Reva NXR still looks ungainly and disproportionate from certain angles, we have to admit that it is a huge step up from the frumpy looks of the existing model. Though Mahindra showcased the Reva NXR to the Indian public at the 2012 Auto Expo in New Delhi, the details about its launch date is still not clear. All we can say is that the earlier it is launched, the better it is for Mahindra, as the existing Reva is almost forgotten these days.

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