Export variant of Mahindra Genio pick-up spotted testing near Chennai

Mahindra has been on a dream run of late with every model succeeding big-time in terms of sales. One among them was the Genio range of commercial pick-up trucks that were launched early last year. Developed from the modern "Ingenio" platform that underpinned the Xylo and more recently the Quanto, the Genio came as a breath of fresh air in a segment that was dominated by outdated designs and technologies. Not surprisingly then, the Genio became a big hit.

As with most of it's recent models, Mahindra made its intentions clear that the Genio is not going to be confined only for the Indian market. Exports to African, Latin American and a few European countries were planned. Truth be told though, the Genio, in it's Indian spec, just wouldn't make the cut for export markets. Mahindra knew this very well and that is exactly why it unveiled a significantly upgraded Genio for the export markets late last year amidst much fanfare.

It was this upgraded Genio that we caught testing near Mahindra World City on the outskirts of Chennai. The only difference was that the model being tested was a single-cab variant (code-named X-321, with the 'X' denoting Xylo platform) unlike the dual-cab variant that was unveiled.

So, what is different in this Genio from the model that is currently being sold in India? For starters, the rear half has been completely redesigned and looks all the more better for it.

Gone is the spartan sheet-metal loading bay that not only looked crude and utilitarian, but also exposed the chassis and mechanicals underneath. In its place comes a fully moulded loading bay that covers the chassis and gels well with the cabin in front. The basic taillight units have been replaced by modern vertical clusters with a character line running across the tailgate to connect them. Other details that are visible from these shots are a single reversing light, side-facing exhaust pipe behind the right rear wheel and the leaf spring rear suspension. The front end is similar to the old Xylo and did not have the intimidating look of the existing Genio pick-up.

The interiors are also lifted from the Xylo and is likely to be equipped with more features than the Indian model. Also likely to be different is the engine. Unlike the 2.5-liter mDI CRDe diesel engine that powers the Genio in India, this upgraded version might end up with the 2.2-liter mHawk engine that is more powerful and technologically advanced.

Overall, the export-oriented new Genio looks much better and upmarket than the existing model.

But, here comes the catch. Is Mahindra planning to upgrade the Indian Genio as well with this model? Or, is Mahindra just using Indian roads as a test bed for launching the Genio in international markets? With Tata taking the game forward recently by launching the Xenon RX range of pick-up trucks in India, there are fair chances for both. 

With our job done, it's now over to Mahindra to clear our doubts.


  1. I think Mahindra is the most busiest among all car makers in India now.

    1. We agree, the rate at which Mahindra is launching new models in the market is remarkable.