Michael Schumacher sets yet another record, has driven around the world twice in a Formula 1 car

We Formula 1 fans are bracing ourselves and doing all that we could to keep our interest in the sport intact after Michael Schumacher heads into his second and, in all probability, final retirement. Come this Sunday's Brazilian Grand Prix, Michael Schumacher won't be seen piloting a Formula 1 car again in a race. He may have decided to leave the sport for good but the records that he set during his racing tenure are here to stay. The most recent one came when Michael Schumacher completed Lap 10 of the American Grand Prix at 'Circuit of the Americas' last weekend.

With that lap, Schumi has covered a staggering 80,000 kilometers (or 49,710 miles) racing in a Formula 1 car. Including the distance that he will be covering at the season-ending Brazilian Grand Prix at Interlagos this weekend, Schumacher would have covered a distance equivalent to twice the circumference of Earth racing in a Formula 1 car. We just can't imagine the amount of G-Forces that his body and mind would have gone through to stay at the top of this physically and mentally demanding sport for such a long time. That probably explains why he is loved, respected and revered so much across the world.

This feat was achieved over a career that started in 1991 and has lasted for 19 long years with a gap of 3 years in between (2006 - 2009) when Schumacher went into his first retirement before coming back to the lure of racing in Formula 1 with Mercedes GP. In this period, Schumacher has amassed 7 World Championships, 68 Pole Positions, 91 Race Victories and 1560 Points racing for teams such as Jordan, Benetton, Ferrari and Mercedes. Those are statistics that are set to remain in the sport for a long time before any racer even gets a chance to better them.

Source: www.autoblog.com

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