Chrysler all set to enter India with Jeep brand in 2013

At last, after decades of missing the action in the booming Indian market, Chrysler is all set to be officially launched in India in 2013. Chrysler, often referred to as the last of the three American automotive biggies after General Motors and Ford, filed for bankruptcy in 2009 before being taken over by Fiat SpA of Italy. So when Fiat started charting out plans for its own recovery in India, it decided to launch Chrysler here as well.

The brand spearheading Chrysler's entry would be 'Jeep' and the models leading the charge would be the iconic Wrangler and Grand Cherokee. Thanks to Mahindra's association with them many decades back, Jeep is hugely popular in India and needs no introduction at all.

The first model to be launched would be the Wrangler. With a legacy rooting back to the famous Willys CJ (Civilian Jeep), also popularly known as the World War II Jeep, the Wrangler is one of the most capable off-roaders in the world. Be it sand or slush, rocks or stones, the Wrangler, with its timeless looks and live front and rear axles, will make a mockery of the surroundings and return unscathed. Though its the 3-door variant that is very popular, Jeep also has a longer, 5-door version of the Wrangler called 'Unlimited'. We aren't sure which of these two is going to be launched in India.

The next model slated for launch is the sleek Grand Cherokee. One of Jeep's most successful models ever, the Grand Cherokee is a luxury Sports Utility Vehicle that is expected to be pitched against the BMW X3 and Audi Q5 in terms of pricing. Despite not possessing Wrangler-like capabilities in the wild, the Grand Cherokee is an able off-roader that also combines the plushness and ride of a luxury sedan. The Grand Cherokee is extremely successful in USA and Jeep would be hoping to replicate the success here in India.

Going forward, two more models smaller than the Wrangler would be developed, not only for the Indian market but to be sold across the globe. Despite being owned by Fiat, Jeeps would be sold through a separate network of dealerships across major Indian cities. Fiat would be desperate to taste success with Jeep in India and will do all that is possible to ensure that it happens. Bring it on, we say! We just can't wait to tame these beasts!


  1. In my recent trip to the US I Saw many jeep grand Cherokee

    1. You are right, Jeeps are dime a dozen in United States of America.

  2. We are not from '' Amrika'' so how will it do in ''Desi India''?