Ford Ecosport spotted testing near Chennai

The world did not end in 2012 and we are, thankfully, living to see 2013 and beyond. What better way to begin the year than catching "the most" awaited car in the Indian market in action? Yes, the New Year couldn't have been better for us at Anything On Wheels, as we managed to spot the much-delayed and still eagerly-awaited Ford Ecosport testing on the outskirts of Chennai. If you are a regular reader of our blog, you will remember our post on a camouflaged Ecosport caught testing in the busy OMR. Of late, the American giant has started testing the Ecosport without camouflage and most automotive websites and blogs have reported spotting the test cars across many cities in India. It's our turn now to do the same.

First spotted in a toll booth on the Chennai-Trichy Highway (NH 45), we have to admit that the Ecosport turned a lot of heads, literally. There was widespread commotion, as people craned their necks out of cars and buses to get a glimpse of this all-new compact SUV. Apart from looking fresh and modern in the group, the Ecosport had good acceleration and slithered in and out of lanes for overtaking slow-moving traffic with utmost ease and composure. The model spotted is most likely to be the base variant, as it lacked body-colored rear-view mirrors and door handles, chrome-slats in the radiator grille, front fog-lamps, roof rails and metallic inserts in the front and rear bumpers, all of which were present in the car that was used at the official unveiling ceremony. Surprisingly for a base variant, a swanky set of alloy wheels were available. The absence of TDCi or EcoBoost badging in the tailgate means that this test car should be having the 1.5-liter TiVCT petrol engine under its hood. After a few miles of spirited driving, the test car joined two more Ecosports parked along the roadside.

Though Ford is keeping it's mouth firmly shut in terms of pricing and the date of launch, rest of the details are already out. Based on Ford's B-Car platform that underpins the Fiesta and developed under the much-touted "One Ford" policy, the Ecosport is already on sale in Brazil and is slated for launch in most international markets, including China and India, in the near future.

At launch, the Ecosport is expected to have three engine options - a 1.5-liter TiVCT petrol engine, the award-winning 1.0-liter 'EcoBoost' petrol engine that was recently crowned "International Engine of the Year" and the 'most-crucial-for-India' 1.5-liter TDCi diesel engine. As evident from the specs, both the 1.5-liter engines are going to be shared with the new Fiesta sedan while the much-acclaimed 'EcoBoost' technology will be making its debut in India under the hood of this compact SUV. With its high stance and compact dimensions, the Ecosport's design and proportions are just what Indians need to tackle the worst of roads and crowded cities. Being a Ford, class-leading ride and handling balance can be expected in the Ecosport too.

Maybe it's a combination of these factors that has resulted in so much enthusiasm and interest in the car. It isn't an exaggeration when we state that the Ecosport has been making thousands of potential customers put their car-buying decisions on hold, as they wait for it with bated breath. We are no different too. Having been smitten by the Ecosport ever since it was unveiled on the eve of the 2012 Auto Expo in New Delhi an year back, we have been counting the days for it's launch. But it looks like we will run out of breath and numbers soon. Will Ford ensure that the launch happens quickly so that the Ecosport can strike when its still hot?


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    1. We can understand, the Ecosport is really testing the patience of thousands of potential customers.

  2. Arvi... you are so lucky to get those rare chances da... good capture and very very crisp recap of your previous versions for this crispy SUV...

    keep going...

  3. btw why didnt u captured the other ecosports with which this one joined... i was eargerly scrolling down to see them :-(

    1. I was driving and couldn't notice the other two Ecosports waiting by the roadside. Those who were accompanying me spotted the other two cars parked by the roadside.