Fiat 500 Fiore Rosa tries to be 'the' perfect gift for your Valentine

On this Valentine's Day, we bring all the 'couples in love' a good piece of automotive info to spruce up your lives. Unfortunately, if you don't live in Japan, you won't be able to do anything more than reading this post and spreading the information.

Stop anyone with a little knowledge on automobiles and put forth this question - 'Which is the cutest car on production in the world?' More often than not, the answer would be the Fiat 500, also called 'Cinquecento' in Italian language. Apparently, it's not just the fairer sex who love this little car. There are guys, a whole lot of them in fact, who have a secret liking for this cutesy Italian. May be, that's why Fiat has chosen to roll out a special edition of this car to mark the Valentine's Day and woo both sexes.

Limited to just 150 numbers and to be sold only in Japan, this Fiat 500 is christened 'Fiore Rosa'. Staying true to its name which means 'pink flowers' in Fiat's native language, the 500 Fiore Rosa comes painted in a light shade of pink and is powered by Fiat's award-winning 'Twin Air' engine. Going by the presence of halogen headlights and steel wheels instead of xenons and alloys, the Fiore Rosa looks to be the base variant of 500. If you happen to live in Japan and are interested in buying one, rush to the nearest Fiat dealer. The 500 Fiore Rosa will be on sale for just 4 days, from today until 17th of February.

Given the fact that girls hand out Valentine's gifts to guys in Japan, Fiat's decision to launch this 'Pink'ecento there seems to be a very smart marketing trick. We don't usually post about special editions, but this one caught our eyes for being so related to the occasion. Go, spread love folks!


  1. Why cant grand punto limited edition be launched in india in the name of Grande Stupendo????

    1. What's the use? Even if they do, die-hard Fiat fans like you will still go and buy a competitor's car.

    2. due to pricing i did so da... even now i am regretting for not owning a punto.... i am at peak whenever a punto overtakes my figo...

    3. No use, whatever be the reason, you didn't buy a Punto inspite of your unparallelled love towards it and other Fiat cars.