Ford celebrates production of 7 millionth Transit van

This seems to be a season of landmarks in the automotive industry. Merely days after Volkswagen celebrated a production milestone of 30 million units of its Golf, Ford Motor Company has announced reaching a production milestone of its own. The American manufacturer recently witnessed the roll-out of the seven millionth Transit van. Considering that commercial vehicles like the Transit don’t enjoy popularity and sales unlike cars do, this is a significant moment for Ford.

The story of Transit began in 1965 in Europe, with the model becoming an instant hit in the continent thanks to its practicality and versatility. Since then, Ford has developed a range of body-styles and variants of the Transit including parcel vans, tipper trucks, campers and bare chassis as well.

Production and sales of the Transit van crossed the first million in 1976, while the subsequent million milestones were reached in 1985, 1994, 2000, 2005 and 2010. Until 1996, Europe remained the sole production location of the Transit, with new plants in Nanchang, China and Hai Duong, Vietnam starting production in 1997. The plant in Nanchang, China is a joint-venture between Ford Motor Company and its strategic Chinese partner Jiangling Motors Corp (JMC) and produces both Ford-branded vehicles and JMC-branded vehicles for the burgeoning Chinese market. It was this Chinese plant that rolled out the seven millionth Transit last week with the celebrations coinciding with the opening of a new assembly line for the commercial vehicle.

Participating in the celebrations along with Wang Xigao, Chairman, Jiangling Motors Corp, Ford Motor Company’s President and CEO Alan Mullaly said, “The Ford Transit plays a significant role in the lives and jobs of millions of people. From getting workers to a building site, to delivering important packages, or even rushing a patient to the hospital, people all over the world rely on Ford Transits to get the job done. The Ford Transit has a superb heritage and an even brighter future. As we pass this incredible seven million milestone, we look forward to helping even more customers get their businesses moving forward with a Transit.”

With the all-new Transit series going on sale recently with an expanded lineup that includes Transit Custom, Transit Connect and Transit Courier and the Transit series venturing into hitherto unexplored markets like North America, sales are expected to grow further. And that means the eight millionth Transit is not too far away.

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