2013 Top Selling Cars - USA

Lucrative growth rates and a large pool of untapped customers in China, India, Brazil and Russia might have channeled the focus of the automotive industry to these countries of late, but the sheer volumes and associated margins in United States of America, still the second largest market for automobiles next only to China, is too good to ignore. There just isn't any country in the world that consumes big trucks the way America does and considering the profits that trucks apparently rake in, you get our point. For the last few years, the overall industry volumes in USA has been showing significant growth and 2013, with a 8% growth rate over 2012, is no different.

Ford remained the most popular brand in USA, taking the crown of the largest selling brand once again in 2013. Chevrolet finished the year as runner up followed by the three Japanese brands Toyota, Honda and Nissan.

'Change is the only thing that's constant on earth,' they say. We would like to rephrase it slightly. Ford F-Series ending up as the best-selling automobile in USA is the only thing that's constant month after month, year after year and heck, even decade after decade. We aren't exaggerating at all, 2013 marked 32 years at the top for Ford's full-size pickup truck. With sales of 763,402 units last year, the F-Series decimated the competition yet again. With an all-new model going on sale, Chevrolet Silverado continued to remain popular as ever, ending 2013 as the second best-selling automobile in USA. After almost toppling Silverado in 2012, Toyota Camry settled on the final step of the podium and remains the most popular car in America.

Honda carried over its good performance from the year before into 2013, with three of its models making it to the Top 10 list. Accord, Civic and CR-V finished fourth, sixth and eighth, sandwiching Ram Pickup and Nissan Altima between them. With a relatively young lineup that's proving to be very popular, Honda's grip of the American market will stay firm, for the next couple of years at least. Toyota Corolla, a global best-seller and Ford Escape, the compact crossover that's making waves in many countries, rounded off the list.

2013 Top 10 in USA:

1. Ford F-Series - 763,402
2. Chevrolet Silverado - 480,414
3. Toyota Camry - 408,484
4. Honda Accord - 366,678
5. Ram Pickup - 355,673
6. Honda Civic - 336,180
7. Nissan Altima - 320,723
8. Honda CR-V - 303,904
9. Toyota Corolla/Matrix - 302,180
10. Ford Escape - 295,993

Source for Figures: Best Selling Cars Blog

| Star of 2013 - Ford F-Series |
| Promise of 2014 - Ford F-Series |

Despite being on the verge of replacement by an all-new model, the current F-Series' total dominance of the American market in its final full year of production makes it the star of 2013. With a revolutionary redesign, significant weight saving and a far-downsized engine lineup, the all-new F-Series that's creating ripples in the industry since its debut at the 2014 Detroit Auto Show is a gamble, a real big one at that. But somehow, we believe that the new F-Series will become a smash hit in USA and, much like Ford Motor Company themselves, consider the new truck as a promise of 2014.

Ford Fusion missed out on the tenth position by just a few hundred units, while Chevrolet Cruze, Hyundai Elantra, Chevrolet Equinox and Ford Focus stay close by, threatening to break into the top ten at any given opportunity.

Interestingly, Mercedes-Benz is the top-selling luxury brand in USA, helped in no small part by the stunning new CLA compact four door coupe. With the new C-Class and GLA expected to join a lineup that's already bolstered by the presence of the refreshed E-Class and the all-new S-Class, the brand with the three pointed star is all set for the future as well. The rest of the luxury brands were led by BMW and Lexus

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