2014 Geneva - All-new Audi TT makes its debut

Making cars might have become fairly simple these days but making beautiful cars, most definitely, hasn't. That would probably explain why there are, at any point in time, just a handful of cars in production that make us drool. The original Audi TT was one such car that swept us off our feet with its pleasing design and cheeky styling. After two generations of captivating fans across the world in coupe and roadster guises, the third-generation TT was unveiled in the glitz and grandeur of the 2014 Geneva Motor Show last week.

Looking at the new TT, it is apparent that the designers at Audi wanted to fiddle little with a shape that worked wonders previously. Staying true to the TT theme, the third-generation model is a mere evolution of its predecessors with modern elements thrown in for good measure. The new TT is dominated by horizontal lines running all across the body. Flat, trapezoidal headlights lie on either sides of a big, hexagonal grille, making the TT look sharper than it actually is. In profile, the contrast offered by the flared wheel arches, the rounded greenhouse and the distinct horizontal character line that runs across the full length stands out. The rear, characterized by thick horizontal lines that connects the taillights, the inbuilt spoiler that activates automatically at 75 miles per hour and the twin circular exhaust pipes, is most reminiscent of the original TT that we loved unconditionally.

The interiors follow a minimalist theme with Audi's virtual cockpit integrating the instrument cluster and the MMI screen into one digital panel behind the steering wheel. The circular air-conditioning vents, a standard TT fare since the first-generation model, are retained and now houses controls for the air-conditioning system. As always, the new TT is expected to come with a 2+2 coupe and a 2-seater roadster configurations. Powering the new TT will be a 2.0-liter TDI diesel engine and two tunes of the 2.0-liter TFSI gasoline engine. Power output ranges from 184 hp for the TDI variant and goes up to 310 hp for the TTS variant powered by the higher-output version of the TFSI engine. Transmission options include a 6-speed manual transmission or a 6-speed S-Tronic while the famed Quattro All-Wheel Drive system is also on offer apart from the standard front wheel drive mode.

With a refreshingly modern take on the classic shape of the original, we expect the all-new TT to keep Audi at it's toes churning out these cute little sports cars as much as it can.

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