Ford S-Max Vignale Concept looks stunning

In automotive parlance, Multi-purpose Vehicles (MPV) and the adjective "stunning" generally don't co-exist. In fact, those kind of words are more at home when used in posts that describe exotic sports-cars and uber-luxury automobiles sporting badges like Ferrari, Lamborghini, Rolls-Royce, Mercedes-Benz and the like. But, when we first saw the images of the S-Max Vignale Concept released by Ford, that 's' word is actually what struck us. We were, quite literally, stunned!

To be honest, the Ford S-Max Vignale Concept evoked adjectives that's so untypical of an MPV. It is sleek, stylish and sexy. Surprised, aren't you? Look at the pics and we bet you won't be anymore!

So, what is it with the S-Max Vignale Concept that's so attractive? It starts with the colour itself. Draped in what Ford calls "Milano Grigio", a pearlescent jewel-like shade with rose metallic tones, the S-Max Vignale Concept looks dashing. Further accentuating the beauty are the Dark Rose Grey detailing in the grille, air dam and exhausts. Liberal yet subtle applications of chrome around the grille, in the front and rear bumpers, around the windows, in the doors and in the rear view mirrors is striking too. Add to that the unique 21-inch alloy wheels and the sharp headlights and taillights and the S-Max Vignale Concept is one hell of a looker.

We can't remember an MPV creating such a visual impact anytime in the recent past. How cool would it be if the MPVs criss-crossing our roads look as good and appealing as this one? That's wishful thinking, we know!

Though the interiors of the S-Max Vignale Concept fall way short of concept standards, it is still an appealing place to imagine yourselves in. From the dashboard and instrument panel through the glass roof to the luggage compartment, the interiors are swathed in high-quality leather. In sync with the exteriors, the seats have an unique hexagonal quilting pattern and the air-vents feature the six-faced shape too. Advanced car-to-car communications, tablet-docking stations for the second row and a flexible seating concept ensures that this concept creates an impression of a lounge on the move.

Showcased at the Salone del Mobile during the Milan Design Week, the Ford S-Max Vignale Concept is all set to go into production sometime next year. Following the Mondeo, the S-Max will be the second Ford model to be offered in the high-end 'Vignale' trim level that promises customers luxury, exclusivity and special treatment. Whatever it is, we only wish what we see as virtual images in this post is what we get to see on the road in 2015.


  1. Bring this to India Ford, Toyota needs a lesson for overpricing the Innova.

    1. We agree, the S-Max would shake up the MPV segment if launched here.