Ford Fiesta facelift spotted testing near Chennai

The Ford Fiesta might be a best-selling car globally but the model, in its latest incarnation, failed to make a mark in India. In fact, the previous-generation Fiesta, that was rebadged and repositioned as Classic to make way for the new Fiesta, still sells more than the new model. High initial pricing and a slightly bulbous rear styling meant that the car's strengths like excellent handling and long list of features never came out, leaving the Hyundai Verna and Honda City to rule the roost in the mid-size segment.

But Ford isn't pulling the plug on the model just yet. A facelifted Fiesta was showcased at the 2014 Auto Expo in New Delhi earlier this year. While we were expecting the launch to happen soon afterwards, Ford seems to be still in the testing phase. Spotted yesterday with test registration plates in the busy NH45 on the outskirts of Chennai, the new Fiesta is getting ready for another shot at mid-size sedan supremacy.

This might be just a simple facelift but we got to say that the Aston Martin-inspired radiator grille at the front brings so much character to the new Fiesta. It comes across as being mature yet stylish. Further accentuating the mature look are the sleeker and longer headlamps. The profile remains unchanged while the rear gets a subtle change in the form of slightly bigger taillights and a redesigned bumper. The bulbous feel is still there but vastly reduced compared to the earlier model. The all new brown color needs special mention too. Hinting at slight revisions in the interior are the circular air-conditioner vents visible in one of the pictures at the left corner of the dashboard.

While the incredible road manners and long list of features that makes the existing Fiesta owners smile behind the wheel are likely to be carried over to the Fiesta Facelift as well, we hope that the pricing strategy isn't. That could single-handedly make or break the Fiesta's prospects in India. Should the City and Verna be worried? Probably not. Should the driving enthusiasts looking for a mid-size sedan take note? Hell yeah!


  1. Fiesta is a good car. It is Ford's pricing that killed it..

    1. It is a good car indeed and doesn't deserve to fail as it did. Let's see if this facelift works for Ford!