Maruti-Suzuki unveils Ciaz, aims to topple City and Verna

Despite controlling a lion's share of the Indian passenger car market, we have seen that Maruti-Suzuki is as vulnerable as any other manufacturer when it comes to anything that's not a hatchback. While the Grand Vitara and Kizashi sank without a trace, Baleno and SX4 managed to ruffle some feathers. In what could well be termed as it's most ambitious attempt to crack the mid-size segment, Maruti-Suzuki unveiled the Ciaz sedan earlier this week.

Like the Ertiga and A-Star before, Indians were first treated to the concept version of Ciaz at the 2014 Auto Expo in New Delhi earlier this year. But, unlike those two models whose production versions were severely toned down vis-a-vis the concepts, the Ciaz strays not far off the concept. Yeah, those stunning taillights and cheeky chrome inserts in the front and rear bumpers haven't made it to production, but the overall theme is thankfully carried over.

Drawing inspiration from the 'Concept Authentics' that Suzuki dislayed at the Shanghai Motor Show last year, the Ciaz pleases with a sleek design and near-perfect proportions. These days, when chopped-off boot sections are the norm elsewhere, this comes across as a whiff of fresh air. The bold chrome-lined grille flanked on either sides by projector headlamps, the clean profile with a strong shoulder line and the sharp rear with taillights that bear more than a passing resemblance to a fellow-Japanese competitor from the same segment gel well together. Interiors are neither flashy nor conservative and is dominated by a touchscreen multimedia system in the center console. As usual, the cabin is a mix of beige and black with splashes of dark-brown wood inserts in between. Boasting the largest wheelbase in its segment, passenger space is going to be Ciaz's trump-card. Though the list of features on board isn't officially released yet, we don't expect the Ciaz to be as rich as the Verna or City in content.

The 1.4-liter K-Series petrol and the Fiat-sourced 1.3-liter diesel engines that powers the Ertiga would power the Ciaz too, which is a huge disappointment. For its size and segment, the Ciaz deserves more powerful engines under its hood. Sure, the class-leading ARAI-certified fuel efficiency figures would have majority of Indians drooling, but what stops Maruti-Suzuki from launching a bigger engine atleast in the higher variants? Owing to economies of scale, we are sure Maruti-Suzuki isn't looking at that option right now. Until then, Honda's free-revving 1.5-liter petrol and Hyundai's screaming 1.6-liter diesel engines shall rule.

With prices not announced yet, the Ciaz is still treading dangerous waters but the initial feedback is extremely encouraging. Will the momentum be sustained post-launch and the Ciaz end up being the most-successful Maruti-Suzuki ever in the premium segment? We think it would. With dealers accepting bookings pan-India, let's wait and watch the result.


  1. excellent model of Maruti... I love maruti

    Bhalodia Amit P

    1. Do you own the Ciaz Mr. Maruti lover? Let us know if you do.

  2. Can we have this wooden finishing on the dashboard and door arm-rests like that are there in Ciaz on New Ertiga facelift?

    1. We've personally seen dealers offering wooden trim as an accessory for the Ertiga. So it should be possible. Check out with your nearest dealer.