2014 Paris - Audi TT Sportback Concept hints at family expansion

Audi, no doubt, makes beautiful cars, but the TT has got to be one of the most beautiful cars ever made by the Ingolstadt-based manufacturer. After captivating critics and public alike across two iterations, the third-generation TT made its debut at the Geneva Motor Show earlier this year. If the TT Sportback Concept that was showcased at the recently-concluded Paris Motor Show is any indication, the TT family that currently comprises the coupe and the roadster, might expand to include this five-door sedan.

The Sportback Concept shares most of its design cues with the new TT. Up front, the singleframe hexagonal grille is lifted straight off the TT, though the one in the concept is flatter and bigger. The front bumper features a single air inlet with two large trapezoidal edges joined together by a thin strip. The headlights with vertical separators that form a unique DRL signature are shared with the TT too. In profile, the bulging wheel arches, the sharp horizontal character line and the sloping glasshouse reminds us of its relationship with the TT coupe. That Audi has managed to incorporate two additional doors without spoiling the beautiful profile of the TT is quite remarkable. At the rear, the recessed taillights that narrows down towards the license plate holder and the twin tailpipes incorporated in the diffuser stand out. A thin strip connecting the taillights carries the logo, giving it an embossed look.

Unlike other concepts that feature outlandish design elements and crazy interiors that hardly end up in production, the TT Sportback Concept has production-ready interiors that borrows heavily from the original TT. Audi claims that the Sportback's interiors combines uncompromising sportiness of a coupe and the functionality of a five-door sedan. A funky instrument cluster in the form of Audi virtual cockpit, the center console that spans the entire length of the cabin, the rotary air-conditioning vents and a thin array of buttons below them are things that greet our eyes at first look. A 2.0-liter TFSI engine that generates 400 horsepower and a maximum torque of 450 Nm sits under the hood of this concept, giving it some serious performance credentials. Combined with the 'quattro' permanent all-wheel-drive system, the TT Sportback Concept should be a hoot to drive on road.

If this TT derivative makes it to production, it would slot in below the A5 and the A7, both of which feature Sportback design elements. Well, why spoil the exclusivity and the uniqueness of the TT we would ask. But, if Mercedes-Benz can make a blockbuster out of a four-door coupe, who are we to stop Audi from doing that again? After all, every niche exists to be filled!

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