Bajaj RE60 continues testing, this time again spotted in Pune

Bajaj sprang a surprise just before the 2012 Auto Expo in New Delhi by unveiling the RE60, it's vision of a low-cost four-wheeler that intended to replace the brand's omnipresent auto-rickshaws. With an additional wheel and a narrow, tall monocoque body structure made of metal polymer hybrid, the RE60 appeared to be a better and safer replacement for the three-wheelers dotting the Indian landscape. More than three years since, there are still no signs of its launch and Bajaj seems content with just testing the RE60 across the length and breadth of the country.

We were amongst the first automotive sites in India to spot this testing, way back in 2012, wearing full camouflage. The next time we saw, it shed some of its clothes revealing more details. This time around, its devoid of any camouflage. This bright yellow RE60, spotted by an ardent reader of Anything On Wheels last evening, was caught testing in Pune, not too far from Bajaj Auto’s head-quarters. Is that a hint that Bajaj would finally be launching the RE60 in India soon? We hope it is. 

The rear-mounted engine of the RE60 is expected to produce 20 horsepower. That might appear low on paper but Bajaj claimed a top speed of 70 km/h and a real world fuel efficiency of 35 km/l from the RE60 during its unveiling. LPG and CNG fuel options are expected to be available as well. The added stability of four wheels apart, the presence of doors, hard-top and, most importantly, seat belts would mean that the RE60 would be far better than the existing auto-rickshaws when it comes to passenger safety.

Being the first-mover in this type of vehicle, Bajaj Auto had to wait for the Indian Government to approve a new classification of motor vehicle called ‘Quadricycle’, which is what the RE60 is. Let’s hope Bajaj finds a way to launch the RE60 quickly and it ticks with the rickshaw-wallas. At least, the cities would get a little safer than what they are right now.

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