BharatBenz's 37-tonne Heavy Duty truck 3723 spotted testing near Chennai

Anything On Wheels' association with BharatBenz dates back to 2011 when we were amongst the first in the country to spot Daimler's India-specific truck fleet testing on more than one occasion. Even then, it was very clear that BharatBenz was going for the kill with multiple models being tested simultaneously. This is one brand that has not waited for the volumes to come in to expand its portfolio. As a result, BharatBenz has been building up a steady client base that bodes well for its future.

If you ever need one, here is proof that BharatBenz isn't done yet with its launch spree. Spotted testing in the busy NH45 (Chennai-Trichy Highway) last weekend, this truck hints at what's in store next from the German commercial vehicle manufacturer. While we couldn't really identify what was different in this truck from behind except for the "On Test" sticker and the red-colored test registration plate, moving over to the side revealed its identity.

Stuck on the front door on either sides was the '3723' badge. By now, we all know that the first two digits of BharatBenz's nomenclature denotes the vehicle tonnage while the last two denotes the horsepower generated. Connecting the dots tells us this is the company's upcoming 37-tonne rigid Heavy Duty truck being tested on public roads. BharatBenz's current Heavy Duty lineup consists of trucks with payloads between 16 to 31 tonnes. With the addition of a 37-tonner, the German brand is looking to expand its Heavy Duty portfolio further.

Going by the badging, this truck seems to be powered by the same 6373 cc, 6-cylinder diesel engine that powers the 2523 and 3123 Heavy Duty trucks in the lineup currently. While this engine is rated for a maximum of 231 horsepower at 2200 rpm and a peak torque of 810 Nm between 1200 to 1600 rpm in both the 25-tonne and 31-tonne applications, it remains to be seen if the power or torque outputs are tweaked for the 3723 given the additional weight this truck is capable of hauling. It has a 5-axle set-up, with the second axle being steerable. There is also a lift axle provided just before the two rear axles that are fitted with air bellows for them to be lifted off the ground when the load conditions permit.

The test vehicle has the standard 'Fixed Side Deck' in BharatBenz's speak. When it goes on sale, a High Side Deck, Tanker and Bunker applications could also be offered. Aesthetically, the 3723 is very similar to the rest of the BharatBenz Heavy Duty trucks, save for the flashy new taillights. That isn't bad, given that the BharatBenz trucks are amongst the better-looking ones in the Indian market right now.

With such diverse commercial vehicles spanning multiple segments already in the lineup, what's next for BharatBenz? We don't know yet but count on us to get you the spy shots as soon as the testing spree begins on public roads.

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  1. It is one of the well known heavy duty trucks from BharatBenz backed with a powerful engine.