Anything On Wheels turns 7!

Based on a close buddy's advice, it was on this day in 2009 the URL anything-on-wheels.blogspot.in went live.​ Yes,​ Anything On Wheels has turned seven today​, transforming from being a personal blog of a car-loving individual to a reliable source of recent industry developments in the process. 

​While this still is a personal blog when it comes to content​, there are a bunch of others - photography enthusiasts that accompany me​ for the shoots,​ friends and followers who become auto-journalists momentarily to get that exclusive spy-shot, pals next door and from abroad who don't mind calling up at midnight to point out a silly typo or two in the posts - its these people that have helped Anything On Wheels reach here. 'I' became 'We', personal rants turned into honest opinions and suggestions and, from what our readers say, the quality and content of posts have gone up tremendously.
What an experience this has been? Managing our professional careers and yet spending time, efforts and, at times, money to do what we love hasn't been easy at all. But when family members consider blogging as a crucial household assignment and leave us alone when we are at it, we couldn't ask for more.

​In these seven years, Anything On Wheels has had:
  • 635,266 Clicks
  • 573 Posts
  • 127 exclusive Spy Shots
  • 33 Drive Reports
These numbers are hardly intimidating, we know. But that hasn't stopped us from coming up with these special collages that, we think, quite effectively bring out what we did since we started out in 2009.

Wish us well for the journey ahead and for those patrons who've been cheering for us despite having a plethora of better options out there, please continue to do so. We will strive to live up to your expectations.