2016 Paris - Hyundai RN30 Concept has RS, GTI & Type-R in its sights

For those of you who didn't take Hyundai's announcement of forming a new N sub-division for high-performance models seriously, the South Korean manufacturer has dropped the biggest hint yet at what to expect from the new sub-brand. Unveiled in Paris alongside the upcoming third-generation i30 with which it shares its design and underpinnings, the RN30 Concept is wild and dramatic.

While the basic design is inherited from the i30 hatchback, the RN30 Concept looks aggressive with its wider body and hunkered-down stance. Armed with aerodynamic enhancements like ground-hugging skirts all around, bonnet air outlets, floating fenders that work in tandem with side splitters, large rear wing and a massive diffuser, all of which help in generating the much-needed downforce, the RN30 Concept is purpose-built for the racetrack. Smoked lights, distinctive DRLs, light-weight 19-inch alloy wheels and centrally-mounted twin ceramic exhausts add to the sex appeal.

Lamborghini-esque 'scissor' doors look hot but sadly won't make it to production.

The cabin is stripped out with just the essentials making the cut, saving precious weight in the process. Hyundai has also worked with BASF to develop a light-weight high-performance environment-friendly plastic that's been used extensively in the RN30's cockpit. Low-set, body-hugging bucket seats and a roll cage complete the interiors while image-stabilizing gimbal cameras mounted on the A-pillars let drivers shoot professional racing footage.

Powering the RN30 Concept is a high-performance turbocharged 2.0-liter engine that's currently being developed by Hyundai to power the N production models. Employing an enlarged turbocharger and forged cylinder block for increased thrust and durability, the engine generates 375 horsepower and a whopping 451 Nm of torque. Hardware include a wet-type dual-clutch transmission (DCT), All-wheel drive (AWD), Electronic Variable Exhaust system and a sophisticated electronic Limited-slip differential (LSD). 

After all, this Hyundai has the go to match its incredible show!

Developed by engineers at Namyang, Hyundai's global R&D headquarters, and pushed to their limits by their counterparts at N├╝rburgring, the world's most challenging race track, Hyundai's N models are something we are looking forward to eagerly. 

Will the i30 N be as sexy and intense as the RN30 Concept? For Hyundai's sake, let's hope it does.

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