2016 Sao Paulo - Hyundai tri(u)cks rivals with the Creta STC

Hyundai has been admittedly aggressive with its teaser campaigns leading to the 2016 Sao Paulo International Motor Show but little did we see this coming. Yes, while the press and the public were waiting for the Creta to be unveiled for the South American market, Hyundai pulled off a surprise debut alongside.

Well, that was also a Creta technically, albeit in an interestingly different avatar. Dubbed the Creta STC (Sport Truck Concept), Hyundai previewed a potential lifestyle pickup for the Brazilian market based on the Creta.

The fascia is straight out of the Creta with liberal helping of conceptual touches. The headlights are slimmer, the grille is bigger sporting Hyundai's new 'cascading' design and halogens and projectors have given way for some cool Light Emitting Diodes. The beautiful wraparound windshield​, ​raked window line​ and half-size suicide rear doors​ remind us of the ​HCD-15 ​Santa Cruz Concept that was unveiled in Detroit last year. Of course, the window line bears a strong resemblance to the Creta's. The rear is a bit underwhelming with a bland tailgate and slim taillights that look​ ​out o​f sync​​ on what is supposedly a striking concept truck. Massive ​21-inch ​Pirelli-shod wheels and a bright green colour​​ add to the sexiness quotient.

The Creta STC is longer and marginally wider than the regular Creta. The ​sporty​ space-cab pickup has a bed with speakers, nifty storage compartments and a capacity to hold 850 litres of luggage. Though Hyundai hasn't announced it, we expect Creta's engines and transmissions to be carried over.

As of now, the Creta STC is not confirmed for production, which is a shame. But, if it makes the transition as it is with minimal changes, the Renault Duster Oroch and Fiat Toro should be worried.

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