Top Selling Cars in 2016 - USA

Auto industry in the United States of America just wrapped up a fantastic 2016 that saw more than 17.5 million new vehicles being sold. In a market where 250 plus models from over 35 brands are on sale, it's tough to really make an impact. But some cars, SUVs and trucks keep doing that year after year. 

Here are 20 of them that went full throttle in 2016, ending the year as America's best-selling vehicles.

With a whopping 820,799 units sold last year, it was another year at the top for the Ford F-Series trucks. Incredibly, 2016 was F-Series' 40th year as America's best-selling truck and an unprecedented 35th year as America's best-selling vehicle. A dream run that started way back in 1977 is well on course to extend into 2017 and beyond. It requires something extraordinary from Ford's rivals to dethrone the F-Series. 

In second and third positions are the Chevrolet Silverado and Ram Pick-Up trucks, unchanged from the previous years. While it's 574,876 sales in 2016 might make you believe that the Silverado trailed the Ford significantly, bring GMC Sierra's sales into the picture and it's clear Ford has to keep a close watch on the Chevy-GMC twins.

Behind the three trucks, the Japanese brands take over with three Toyotas, three Hondas and two Nissans occupying spots 4 to 11. Despite being in its last full year of production, the current generation Camry is still America's best-selling car but the Corolla and Honda Civic are now literally breathing down Camry's neck. At number seven, Honda CR-V is the best-selling SUV in the United States with the Toyota RAV-4 just 5,000 units shy. Honda's Accord has dropped down the order and finished the year in ninth position. At number ten was Nissan Rogue, a new-comer to the top ten list.

Outside the top ten, Ford has three entries in Escape, Fusion and Explorer while Nissan (Altima and Sentra) and Chevrolet (Equinox and Malibu) have two models each. GMC Sierra, Jeep Grand Cherokee and Hyundai Elantra complete the list.

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