2017 Geneva - Ferrari rocks the show with the 812 Superfast

In the world of automobiles, Geneva is where the Italians generally go and have fun. It’s been no different this year. Running circles around all the other debuts at the 2017 edition of the Geneva Motor Show was Ferrari with the unveiling of the 812 Superfast. 

Ferrari’s newest supercar is also probably the last of the brand’s legendary naturally-aspirated front-engined V12 speed machines with the next generation cars likely to go the hybrid route. But, the 812 Superfast ends the tradition on a high. How, you ask? The 812 Superfast is the fastest and the most powerful road-going regular Ferrari ever built.

Housing a 6.5-liter V12 engine under the hood, the newest supercar from Maranello generates a whopping 788 horsepower and a massive 718 Nm of torque. Those are incredible figures for an engine that’s not force fed. With no turbo lag to tackle and as much as 80% of the peak torque available at just 3,500 rpm, this Ferrari would be nothing but sheer driving nirvana. 

The Ferrari 812 Superfast is super fast with the 0 to 100 km/h sprint taking just 2.9 seconds. The 200 km/h dash is dispatched in 7.9 seconds while the claimed top speed is 340 km/h.

Every new Ferrari is a sight to behold but the 812 Superfast has got to be the most striking new car from Maranello in years. The silhouette, especially, is gorgeous with the rising fastback shape and the long flowing hood creating a lasting impression the moment our eyes come into contact. The graceful quad circular taillights we’ve seen and loved in many Ferraris of the past returns in the 812 Superfast. 

From the pictures, the interiors appear to be sporty yet plush enough to let the owners immerse themselves in the experience. Though driving a V12-engined Ferrari and not hearing to its glorious scream sounds like sacrilege, there are some who do that, it seems. That explains why Ferrari offers a high-end audio system with 12 speakers and a 1,280 Watt amplifier with Quantum Logic in the 812 Superfast.

If you have been reading this post so far, you obviously aren’t one of those fortunate few who would get to own this legend-in-the-making. Well, atleast you now know what’s your desktop wallpaper would be for the next few months.

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