2018 Auto Expo - Tata unveils radical H5X and 45X Concepts

Tata Motors was easily the star of the last two editions of the Auto Expo held in New Delhi. So, it was a sense of déjà vu in the Indian capital today as the curtains raised on the 2018 Auto Expo. The Pune-based car-maker was the show-stopper yet again, this time with two radical concepts that preview the future design direction of the brand. 

Over the last few years, Tata Motors have been reinventing themselves through a design-led, product-based transformation. A key pillar that enabled them do that was the so-called 'Impact Design' philosophy. The H5X and 45X Concepts, unveiled today, mark the second incarnation of the design language that's now called the "Impact Design 2.0".

After a series of teasers that built up hype, here are the two concepts in all their glory.

H5X Concept previews Tata's flagship SUV

Tata's much-awaited, Land Rover-based flagship SUV, the H5X Concept, was the first to take to the stage today. And by doing so, it left the onlookers stunned! 

With a bold fascia that houses a more prominent version of Tata's 'Humanity Line', the H5X Concept boasts tremendous presence. Further accentuating it are the unique foglamp enclosures with a tri-arrow pattern and the heavily-flared wheel arches housing massive 22-inch wheels. Add to that the long wheelbase, minimal overhangs, the sloping roofline and the progressively-shrinking glasshouse, the H5X Concept has a stance you just can't ignore. Particularly impressive are the design touches around the C-pillars. With the roof sloping downwards, the rear windows rise up sharply, narrows down to almost nothing before opening up and merging with the rear windscreen.

Of course, there are a bunch of conceptual elements - ultra-thin LED headlights, gorgeous but impractical wheels, jazzy rear-view mirrors and the likes - that won't make it to production. Still, if the Hexa and Nexon are anything to go by, expect the production model to look very similar. 

The minimalist interiors, with a fully-digital cluster, touch-everything center console and clutter-free, devoid-of-buttons cabin, hint at what the future has in store for us. Yes, these are not likely to make it to production as it is but rest assured the H5X-based SUV would easily have the best interiors we've ever seen on a Tata vehicle.

The H5X Concept is built on Tata's new 'Omega Architecture' which has been derived from Land Rover's L550 platform. Powering the SUV would be Fiat's MultiJet 2.0 diesel engine, albeit with Tata's own branding and two different power outputs. That's because both 5-seater and 7-seater variants are expected with the former likely to launch with 140 horsepower and the latter tuned to deliver 170 horsepower.

With the H5X Concept, Tata has got the looks, the specs and the underpinnings right. So, when it goes on sale, all it needs is a good price to take off!

45X Concept is aimed at the Baleno and i20    

With the Tiago, Tigor and Nexon, Tata has all but one bases covered this side of 10 Lakh Rupees. All that's missing is a premium hatchback. The 45X Concept, unveiled today, hints at how an upcoming car from Tata in that segment could look like.

Featuring Tata's new Impact Design 2.0 philosophy, the car looks bold and striking. Thin lights connected to an inset grille by Tata's trademark 'Humanity Line' are similar to the H5X Concept as are the separate bumper inserts with an unique tri-arrow pattern. The profile is eye-catchy with a prominent crease that originates in the front fender and runs parallel to the window line until it joins the taillights. As always, there are a bunch of design elements that won't make it to production like the cameras in place of rear view mirrors, those flush-fitted door handles, the ultra-thin rubber shod on massive wheels and the split dual roof spoiler at the rear. 

No other details or specifications of the car are out with the show car sealed in a glass case and kept out of reach of show-goers. 

Forget the specs though, if the production model looks anywhere close to this concept, Tata would have a beeline of people queuing up in front of their dealerships. Maruti-Suzuki and Hyundai should be scared!

Both these killer-looking concepts are expected to make it to production sometime in 2019. Problem is, we can't wait until then. Come on, Tata, launch them already!

Apart from these two concepts, Tata had the AMT variants of Nexon, JTP-branded performance variants of the Tiago and Tigor and full-electric variants of the Tiago and Tigor on display amongst others. Also making its Indian debut was the TAMO Racemo, this time in an all-electric guise! 

All we got to say is, 'Bring them all and make us proud, Tata'!

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