Tesla unveils Model Y, the last of it's 'S3XY' quartet of models

After a lot of hype and fanfare that lasted for months, Tesla finally lifted the veil off the Model Y. This compact crossover completes the American car-maker’s cheeky and much-publicized ‘SEXY’ lineup. Oops, make that ‘S3XY’ although the intention was always to have the ‘E’ instead of ‘3’ until Ford Motor Company put paid to those plans. 

If you don’t know already, the Model Y is the crossover-equivalent of the blockbuster Model 3. The Y not just shares platform and mechanicals with the 3 but also a ton of the sedan’s styling bits.

Clean, minimalist and, to some eyes, a bit bland and boring too, the Model Y looks every bit a Tesla. Head-on, the triangular headlights and the droopy flattened sheet metal panel in place of the grille clearly establishes the Y’s link with the 3. The only giveaway - for keen observers - is the slightly higher ride height to pass off as a crossover. In profile, the roof rises and sweeps down in one smooth arc, giving this compact crossover a coupe-ish look that’s much in vogue these days. A truly panoramic glass roof that runs end-to-end, the stubby boot with an integrated spoiler and a pair of darkened taillights that extend into the boot lid completes the design. If you were expecting fancy ‘gull wing’ doors like the ones on Model X, it’s time to curb your expectations.

The interiors, just like the Model 3, has nothing but seats, a steering wheel and a huge 15-inch touchscreen right in the center of the dashboard. From windshield wipers to the infotainment system, from navigation to air-conditioning, Tesla lets you do anything and everything with this screen and only with it. That’s not good, yes, but that’s how it is and it’s been working well for them this way. Nevertheless, loads of tech including Tesla's famous 'Auto Pilot' will be on offer in the Model Y.

Interestingly, Tesla has designed the Model Y with a capability to seat up to seven passengers with an optional third row seat. With that sloping roof, the headroom is going to be real tight out there for those in the last row! 

Both the base rear-wheel-drive model and the dual-motor all-wheel-drive model come in two variants each. At $60,000, the most expensive of those will have a range of 280 miles and a top speed of 150 miles per hour. With a claimed 0 to 60 mph acceleration time of 3.5 seconds, it will reach there pretty quickly too. Click on the image below that lists crucial specifications for all the four variants.

Unlike the other three models that are built at the plant in Fremont, California, the Model Y will be manufactured at Tesla’s huge Gigafactory in Nevada. An upcoming plant in Shanghai will also build Model Ys to cater to the demand in China and other Far East markets.

Crossover coupes are all the rage right now and Tesla is smartly trying to cash in on the trend with the Model Y. Combine the trendy body-style with the incredible brand pull Tesla has, it’s not hard to imagine a swell order book and a long waiting list for the newest Tesla. Come on now, rush to Tesla's website with your deposits!

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