Jeep Grand Wagoneer Concept previews the brand's upcoming flagship

Jeep has been FCA's knight in shining armour for the last decade or so, riding high on the back of a slew of macho-looking, go-anywhere models tailor-made to take advantage of the SUV boom that gripped the industry. Now, in its quest to venture upmarket, Jeep is bringing back its storied 'Wagoneer' moniker that will be applied on a portfolio of vehicles that, the brand claims, will redefine "American premium".

The Grand Wagoneer Concept shown here likely previews the flagship Grand Wagoneer that will be joined by a not-so-expensive and not-as-luxurious Wagoneer. These will sit atop Jeep's line-up when they go on sale sometime in 2021.

Launched in 1963 under the ownership of Kaiser Jeep Corporation, the original Wagoneer pioneered the luxury 4WD niche at a time when rivals General Motors, Ford, International Harvester and Land Rover were churning out utilitarian off-road vehicles with spartan interiors. That it remained in production - with just minor changes - until 1991 is a testimony to the fact Jeep got the formula right.

If the Grand Wagoneer ends up looking like this concept - which, in all likelihood, it will - Jeep has got it right again. 30 years later!

Despite steering clear of the 'oversized grilles' trend that has gripped most new cars these days, the Grand Wagoneer looks bold and imposing when viewed up front. Thank the familiar 7-slot grille that's now narrow and finished in "Obsidian Black". Book-ending the grille are narrow LED headlights with teak wood detailing. A full-width light bar and raised and illuminated 'Wagoneer' lettering add to the bling quotient. In profile, those flared, trapezoidal wheel arches and large, body-coloured pillars accentuate the size of the Grand Wagoneer with the design around the D-pillar standing out. The rear mimics the front with full-width light bars and thin tail-light clusters book-ending a recessed license plate holder.

If the exteriors don't impress you, the interiors surely will. Jeep has gone all out to make sure the Grand Wagoneer Concept is seen as a legitimate rival to the Cadillac Escalade and Lincoln Navigator

The cabin is well-styled, well-appointed with lots of sustainable material used for its construction and rich in tech with a grand total of - believe it or not - 7 touchscreens spread across two rows controlling the infotainment and other functions. There's one ahead of the driver, two on the center console, one ahead of the front passenger, two mounted on the front seat headrests and one on the floor console ahead of the second row. Phew! By the way, the flagship Jeep gets a 23-speaker McInstosh audio system.

Jeep has not revealed much more on the new Wagoneer range including power-train specifications. What's been said though is this concept is a plug-in hybrid, so it's safe to assume the Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer will offer some sort of electrification at launch. 

Not just Chevrolet and Ford, it's time even Cadillac and Lincoln roll their sleeves up and get ready for the fight. Here I come, says Jeep!

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