Bajaj strikes Gold at last

Bajaj Auto Ltd., India's second largest two-wheeler maker announced recently that it has created a record of sorts by selling 500000 units of it's smash hit 100cc model, the Discover 100 DTS-Si in 225 days. This, along with the other recent runaway hit, the Pulsar 135LS, has put Bajaj back on the right track after what seemed to be a lull in the company's planning and product portfolio. The Bajaj Discover 100 DTS-Si was launched in July last year and if you remember correctly, I had predicted that this bike would be a mega hit and boost the fortunes of Bajaj.  Before the launch of these models, it was pathetic to see Bajaj losing marketshare and sales month-on-month compared to it's competitors, both big and small, who were growing like anything.

"The twin successes of the 100cc Discover DTS-Si and also the recently-launched Pulsar 135 LS has boosted our marketshare to 27.3 per cent in February. We were unable to meet the demand and there was a stock-out situation in some dealerships," Bajaj Auto's CEO (Two-Wheelers), Mr.S.Sridhar said. 

We can only hope that Bajaj does not lets its customers down this time by discontinuing the new models within months after it's launch and replacing it with something else. Case in point, being the Platina and the XCD. Both these bikes were not duds and sold in quite good numbers before being axed by Bajaj for reasons only known to Bajaj. Hope Bajaj is listening.

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