Maruti-Suzuki manufactures 1 Millionth Car in 2009-10

Maruti-Suzuki India Ltd. (MSIL), which makes every second car sold in India and which commands a 54% share in the Indian automotive market created history on 23-Mar-2010 (Tuesday), when it manufactured the 1 Millionth Car of the year 2009-2010. By doing so, Maruti-Suzuki has joined an elite group of companies across the world that makes and sells more than a million cars a year. The list of companies doing so include Toyota, General Motors, Volkswagen, Ford, Honda, Hyundai, Renault, Suzuki and Nissan. A blazing red Maruti-Suzuki Swift took the honors of being the millionth car of the financial year 2010. The journey of Maruti-Suzuki has been in sync with the growth of Indian Automotive Industry. While the Indian market has grown from a meagre 40,000 units annually when the first "Maruti 800" was rolled out in 1983 to the current 2 million units a year, Maruti-Suzuki has kept pace with a vice-like grip of the market and maintaining it's 50% plus market share even after the advent of global competition.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr.R.C.Bhargava, Chairman of Maruti-Suzuki said, "The landmark attained by Maruti-Suzuki fully establishes the validity of the late Prime Minister Smt.Indira Gandhi's vision when she decided to create Maruti Udyog. This vision has been fulfilled because of outstanding entrepreneurship of Mr.Osamu Suzuki, the excellent cooperation which existed between the Government of India and Suzuki Motor Corporation, and the enormous dedication, hard work and commitment of all Maruti-Suzuki employees over the last more than 26 years. The future beckons and Maruti-Suzuki will not be found wanting. Mr.Osamu Suzuki, Chairman and CEO of Suzuki Motor Corporation was among the dignitaries who graced the occasion.

With this, Maruti-Suzuki has become the first Indian automotive company to join the exclusive million club. Hope Tata and Mahindra follows suit and does India proud in the near future. 

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