Aston Martin Cygnet confirmed for production

The living conditions on Earth are getting worse with each passing day, the two prime reasons being Pollution and Congestion. No country is left behind in the race to fight against these and no major city is an exception for the atrocities that result from them. In this scenario, the mere existence of some of the insanely expensive automobiles, which cater to the needs of the super-rich and super-fast, ala the Bugattis, Rolls-Royces and the like is being questioned and threatened.
How about a cool solution to escape from all these unwanted attention with a tiny luxo mobile to be used within the confines of the city? Aston-Martin seems to have done just that with its Cygnet, which is derived from, hold your breath, ‘Toyota iQ’. With it’s tiny footprint, low emissions, high fuel economy and ultra luxurious interiors, the Cygnet, when launched, will try to woo clientele even in the most congested of cities without the fear of any threat from environmentalists, all this without inflicting any damage to the brand’s cachet.

When the Cygnet was shown in concept form, it evoked contrasting reception from the audience. While some were stunned with the idea of an ultra-luxury city car from Aston, pure brand loyalists shunned away from the model calling it a disgrace to the brand which is traditionally known for exhilarating performance in its models. Any which way it is, Aston-Martin has just confirmed that the production of Cygnet will commence next year at the company’s Gaydon headquarters.

In its press release, Aston-Martin aptly stated “Cygnet expresses a simple but fundamental idea: in the modern city, scale equates to speed and freedom. At just three metres long, the Cygnet gives the driver a new dimension of freedom, able to slot into gaps in traffic, exploit the smallest parking spaces, consume the least fuel and emit the lowest emissions, all while delivering exceptional levels of quality and comfort.”

The idea and concept is all cool but how about the execution? Going by the looks of it, the Cygnet is not a patch on the stunners that Aston has crafted like Vantage and Rapide. The signature grille and boomerang taillights seem force-fitted in the Cygnet but lend it an unmistakable Aston-Martin look. There are no standout design features as you would expect in an Aston and from certain angles it looks a little disproportioned too. The pricing and other specifications are yet to be released. Nonetheless, the Cygnet is sure to be a trend-setter and only time will tell whether it sets a precedent for ‘How to’ or ‘How not to’.

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