Hyundai tunes the i20 with 'Brabus'

“Brabus”, the German firm eternally known for tuning high-performance, luxurious models from Mercedes-Benz has just did the unexpected. The tuning house has teamed up with, hold your breath, “Hyundai” to come out with this  at the 2010 Paris Motor Show - The i20 Sport. The i20, launched at the 2008 Paris Motor Show is one of Hyundai’s most successful models in Europe ever.

The i20 Sport is all set to be produced in the first half of 2011 as a limited edition model in both 3-door and 5-door versions. The engine and other technical specifications of the car have not been released yet. But the pictures are out for all of us to enjoy.

The car looks stunning with its subtle yet sporty design theme in the form of smoked head and taillights, mesh grille, LED running lights, skirts, spoilers and wide, low-pro Yokohama tires. The rear, especially the dual exhausts look classy yet understated. The interiors though, scream louder with bright orange and black colored theme while the bits like drilled aluminium pedals, LCD screen on center console, leather stitched upholstery and sporty Recaro seats are welcome additions.

Let's hope that Hyundai gives this car enough power and great handling to do justice to the killer looks imparted to it by Brabus. And oh, how I wish this model is launched in India, with our country being one of the two locations where this car will be produced.

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