Land Rover produces and donates 1 Millionth Range Rover

It requires some guts apart from loads of commitment and hard work to try and do something which has not been done before. And, if you succeed in the attempt, you stand a very good chance of your creation becoming iconic and legendary. Land Rover managed to do just that when, for the first time ever, it blended ultimate luxury with extreme off-road capabilities into a single package in the form of Range Rover. But, even Land Rover would not have guessed that the Range Rover would come this far.

Having pioneered the luxury SUV, the Range Rover, for a whooping 40 years, has literally ruled the segment with no real competition to speak of. On Nov-4-2010, the 1 Millionth Range Rover was built at Land Rover's Solihull Plant and the company celebrated the event by donating the vehicle to Help for Heroes, a charity organization. The model which did the honors was a top-of-the-line Range Rover Vogue Autobiography Edition which will be auctioned off and the proceedings donated to the above said organization.

At a time when, barring a few, most of the automotive designs are becoming dated and being refreshed almost every year or so, the mighty Rangie has continued for so long with very few changes in its basic shape. That speaks volumes about the timeless, classic and unmistakable design it is endowed with. Starting from the first-generation Classic in 1970 through the second-generation model in 1994 to the third-generation model in 2001, the Range Rover has maintained its top virtue of combining the best of both worlds - uncompromising luxury and off-road ability.

The Range Rover line-up is all set to be joined by the stunning new Evoque in 2011. It only adds to the excitement that this feat is achieved by Land Rover under the ownership of our very own Tata.

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