Travelogue #2 - Chennai to Vellore Sripuram

The hectic mechanical life that we all live and are pretty much used to for 5, or in some cases 6 days a week, makes that odd day or two at the end of each week extra special. While its true that most people would like to stay in the cozy comfort of their drawing room sofas, the explorers amongst us would love to take a short spin to a nearby popular destination to make the weekend refreshing.

If that place is close enough so that we can be back on the same day, its good. If it happens to be calm, serene and beautiful so that its pleasing to both our heart and our mind, its an added pleasure. If it also happens to be a place of worship, it just makes it all the more easier for us to convince people and plan a visit. All the above and something more is what the Sri Narayani Peedam, more popularly known as Golden Temple at Thirumalaikodi near Vellore signifies.

Its close enough from both Chennai and Bangalore, the two hot spots of activity in South India, its beautiful, its incredibly well maintained and peaceful and above all it oozes with spirituality. Mobile phones and cameras are strictly not allowed and so you are allowed to capture the beauty only in your eyes. The star shaped pathway with inscriptions on both sides depicting the virtues of life acts as a perfect backdrop.

But the real thing is just about to come. The sanctum-sanctorum, both the exterior and interior of which are completely made out of gold foils glows and shines in the sunlight in all its resplendent glory. People say that its actually much more beautiful in the evenings with all the lights focusing on it. Visit the place to experience it and I swear that its images will stay in your eyes and mind not only on the day of the visit but forever.


  • Total No of Days - 1 (14.11.2010)
  • Vehicle Make & Model: Hyundai Santro Xing
  • Odometer Start Reading - 55128 km
  • Odometer End Reading - 55417 km
  • Total Distance Traveled - 289 km
  • Total Quantity of Fuel filled - 20 l
  • Average Fuel Consumption - 14.45 km/l
  • Net Worth of Fuel filled - 1204.40 Rs
  • Destinations Covered - Thirumalaikodi (Golden Temple)
  • Route Followed: Chennai-Sriperumbudur-Kanchipuram-Vellore-Thirumalaikodi


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