2010 Top Selling Cars - USA

Every year, the month of January keeps all of us so busy dealing with various numbers and the countless titles being awarded world-wide. One such significant list of numbers is that of the best selling cars in USA, the second biggest automotive market in the world after China and a major influence in the profit-loss accounts of most global auto manufacturers.

2010 Top 10 in USA:
1. Ford F-Series - 528,349
2. Chevrolet Silverado - 370,135
3. Toyota Camry - 327,804
4. Honda Accord - 311,381        
5. Toyota Corolla - 266,082
6. Honda Civic - 260,218
7. Nissan Altima - 229,263
8. Ford Fusion - 219,219
9. Honda CR-V - 203,714
10. Dodge Ram - 199,652

* Star Performer of 2010 - Hyundai Sonata
* Expected Star Performer for 2011 - Hyundai Sonata

(Source for Sales Figures - www.autoblog.com)
For the 29th year in a row, you read it right, yes, for a record 29th straight year, Ford F-Series was the largest selling vehicle in USA by a considerably big margin. Chevrolet Silverado managed to beat Toyota Camry (2009's second best-seller) to the second spot in 2010. The fact that both the F-Series and the Silverado range includes many variants ranging from a Light Truck to a Heavy-Duty Truck is a different thing altogether. Even after so much negative publicity, the Toyota Camry has fared rather well and continued to be the largest selling car in USA.

After that comes the usual train of Honda Accord, Toyota Corolla, Honda Civic and Nissan Altima. The year 2011 could very well see the Accord and Civic overtaking Camry and Corolla respectively, going by the recent downward trend of the Toyota duo. As a matter of fact, both the Honda models are already snapping at the heels of their respective competitors from Toyota. After its high profile entry into the Top 10 in 2009, Ford Fusion continued its good run and took the 8th spot for 2010. Honda CR-V and Dodge Ram completed the Top 10.

Among the models in the Top 10, only the two Toyota models posted negative sales compared to 2009, the recent 'Recalls' not helping the company's cause. All the other models posted growth over 2009 numbers, with the two Ford models increasing their sales by over 20%. Honda continued its dominance with three of their models in the Top 10 despite having the least number of product platforms and models sold amongst the top companies.

As predicted in this blog last year, Hyundai's new Sonata has been a stupendous success and was really the 'Star Performer' in the American market with sales of around 196,623 units in 2010, an impressive 64% more than what Hyundai sold in 2009. With the recent addition of Turbo and Hybrid versions, I strongly feel that the Sonata will continue its upward sales climb and stands a fair chance of entering the Top 10 in 2011.

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