Kia 'Transform' looking mighty good

The Oxford Dictionary states that “Transformation” is a sudden dramatic change of personality in a particular object’s existence. As it is, no auto manufacturer fits in this definition as well as the closely-associated Korean majors Hyundai and Kia Motors. The ‘Transformation’ they have undergone in quality and reliability is old news now. But the real transformation has, in fact, occurred in the ‘Design’ or ‘Wow Factor’ associated with their vehicles, especially Kia.

Whether the arrival of the new millennium spurred the top management at Hyundai-Kia to reinvent the fussy designs for which they were known for till then or the sudden focus in improving quality in the late nineties called for matching improvements in design or whatever the reasons would have been, the Hyundai-Kia duo hunted down globally reputed designers which finally saw the signing of Mr. Peter Schreyer, one of the top rated automotive designers of our times into Kia's pay-rolls. This man, apart from the iconic Audi TT Coupe, has been responsible for most of Audi’s stunning designs in the recent years.

Whoa, what a transformation he has made to Hyundai’s little sister brand? Just google 2009 Sportage and 2011 Sportage and similarly 2009 Optima and 2011 Optima to see the best of results for yourself. If that is not called as Transformation, what else will? I am sure that this design breakthrough will be extended to much of Kia’s model range with the signature ‘Schreyer’ corporate grille a standard fixture on all Kias.

If that is Kia’s version of a remarkable turnaround, the biggie Hyundai is not lagging behind either and is scripting an equally impressive chapter, but that should be a separate post altogether. As an auto-enthusiast, I write this with full of hope that these beautiful transformations would continue to feast the eyes of onlookers, myself included. By having a majority of customers and critics impressed, Kia is perfectly poised for global growth.

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  1. I cant believe the first picture of the Optima. The latest Optima looks stunning compared to the old one.